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World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: How We Can Help Prevent Abuse

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15th, but we feel every day should be a day where we take the time to notice and respond to any signs of abuse.

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is June 15th. We all have a role to play in protecting our elderly and recognizing the signs of Elder Abuse in our communities. Help raise awareness and advocate for others by educating yourselves. Anyone under stress could unintentionally become an abuser. You are not alone, Serving Hands Senior Care has ways to help prevent elder abuse in your family.

It is estimated that nearly 1 in 10 Alberta seniors may be victims of some form of elder abuse. Any senior can become a victim of elder abuse.

How can you help prevent elder abuse?

  1. Educate yourself of the risks and potential signs
  2. Reduce risk factors that can a lead to abuse (eg. social isolation)
  3. Listen to our Elders and their caregivers to try to understand their challenges and how to offer support
  4. Watch for discrepancies/changes in behavior, missing medication, etc
  5. Report it if you do suspect abuse
  6. Raise awareness, share our post, spread the word

How Can We Help?

At Serving Hands Senior Care We believe in serving our community and “care for your loved ones as we would our own”. Our Mission is to help seniors remain in their own home as long as safely possible and be independent. We seek to improve the quality of senior life through providing high quality dependable, caring, compassionate and affordable service. Client’s individual needs are carefully assessed, understood and met through our trustworthy and compassionate caregivers. We further commit to assist the families of seniors, as they continue to maintain their family responsibilities while caring for elderly parents or relatives. Take a look at some of our testimonials here.

We take a whole family approach to making sure our elderly are taken care of as they should be and offer respite care to family members whether just a few hours a day, a week or 24 hour care through the weekends just so the family caregiver can get some ‘me time’ to relax, go out with friends or just relax. If you don’t take care of yourself, it’s impossible to take care of them.

Serving Hands Senior Care provides many different types of care to meet many different individual needs. We offer 24-hour home care, palliative care, companion care, and offer specialized Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s care. We assist with all Activities of Daily Living which can include total bedside care, personal care assistance like bathing, getting dressed and incontinence care, help with mobility issues, proper diet, exercise, security and safety, keeping the home clean and organized. View a list of Our Services offered in Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Parkland County, St. Alberta and Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding areas.

For a complimentary needs and safety assessment or for more information on how we can help the you and the senior you love live a life they deserve, you can Get Started now or give us a call at 780-963-1516

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