What is Non-Medical Home Care?

This is care that primarily focuses on helping our seniors to stay in their homes, with their routines but with pockets of extra help. In home care provides practical support with a personal touch. Our compassionate caregivers will assist elderly clients with common activities of daily living like cooking together, light housekeeping, errands and transportation.

You say that you provide non-medical service.  What does that mean? What services can you NOT do?

We have specific guidelines that we must follow as a non-medical service provider.  Our clients must be fairly mobile, as we can only provide limited help with stabilization and trasferring.  We also cannot administer medications, but only provide reminders to our clients.

How does a loved one's family benefit from your services?

Most often, the responsibility of care falls upon loved ones suddenly, and the responsibility can be very challenging and strenuous, and overwhelming on the caregiver.  Using the services of Serving Hands allows seniors to get the support and care they need and relieves loved ones of the stress or guilt.  Our compassionate caregivers allow families to be able to enjoy wives being wives, or children being children and not have to carry the care burden alone.  However, you know your family best and we want to work together with you towards providing the best assistance your loved one needs and desires, so that our clients are comfortable with our role as their caregiver, giving families peace of mind.

I live on an acreage.  Do you provide services in rural areas?

Yes we do.

How much notice does your office need to start service?

It certainly helps us if we have as much notice as possible, but we understand that sometimes emergencies arise.  We make every effort to make caregivers available on an emergency basis within hours, but to provide the best service 24-48 hours is appreciated.

What are the benefits of having a caregiver accompany your clients to a doctor appointment?

When family members live out of town or are unable to take time off work but want to be "present" at the appointment, we offer the convenience to families in connecting them through skyping or facetime "live" with their loved one and the doctor. This allows the opportunity to ask the doctor any questions and hear the answers directly.

Does the same caregiver work each visit?

Yes, we do try to keep the same caregiver visiting our clients each time.  It allows them to build a relationship of trust with their clients.  However,  if a client requires care for 7 days a week, we will then generally assign 2-4 caregivers.

What is your selection process for caregivers?

During a thorough selection process we conduct a telephone interview, followed by an interview in person with the candidate by no less than 2 people.  All candidates must also have an in-depth criminal record check, including the vulnerable sector search, and have a minimum of 2 professional business references and be bondable.  Our caregivers are all insured and are covered by WCB.

Will private insurance cover your services?

It is possible, as there are different insurance plans that cover our services.  Always verify with your own insurance company what coverage is available to you before using any health services.  Clients are responsible for reimbursement from their insurance company as Serving Hands is not able to work directly with insurance companies at this time.