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Home Care Assistance Activities That Seniors May Enjoy

Home care assistance can help your senior loved ones find activities and hobbies that they will enjoy in their daily routines.
Home Care Assistance in Edmonton
Home Care Assistance in Edmonton

As your loved one gets older they may stop going for walks or going out of the house as much as they used to. Of course, having help from home care assistance does make it easier for a senior to leave the house, they still need to find activities they enjoy during the day while aging in place. Here are some fun activities that a senior can enjoy that are low impact, fun, and can be done under the supervision of home care assistance. If you are worried about your loved one doing any activities or living alone it is time to look into home care assistance to help them while you are unable to.

Starting Sourdough

So many people love to bake bread, but if your senior wants to keep making bread, they can start sourdough. As long as they continue to check on their starter and feed it every few days they should be able to make as much bread as they want. This is a fun way to care for something and feel responsible without it feeling like a chore. It’s a low maintenance activity and as much work as they put into keeping the sourdough starter alive is exactly what they will get out of it.

Planting a Garden

Even if your elderly loved one has downsized to a smaller house or apartment, they can still garden! They can use pots on the deck or start a small windowsill garden filled with fresh herbs. A senior may not be able to get out of the house much but they still need fresh air and they still need to go outside. Starting a small garden or caring for plants is one of the best ways to get out of the house. They can enjoy the fresh air, sunshine, and take care of something that is beautiful. Gardening is not only physically healthy but it is also mentally healthy too. It’s perfect for many seniors. Even just staring at nature can help improve their moods and mental health.

Baking New Recipes

Baking bread is great but any type of baking can be so satisfying to do. If they need help buying ingredients, this is something that home care assistance can help with. Your loved one may want to share family recipes or help grandkids learn new skills by baking with them. It’s a fun way to spend a rainy afternoon and it may give them a sense of joy they were missing throughout the day.


One of the best ways to express how someone is feeling is through art. A senior may not have many people to talk to or they may not have the words to describe how they are feeling. Home care assistance can help encourage them to express how they feel through art. Painting can be such a fun way to spend the day especially if they have a pretty view or have a picture of something to work from. By finding ways to release stress and focus on something they are also boosting the quality of their life.

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