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How 24-Hour Home Care Promotes Senior Independence

With 24-hour home care, your senior loved one can get the extra household help they need while still remaining as independent as possible.
24-Hour Home Care in Onoway
24-Hour Home Care in Onoway

Your loved one is at the point where she could use some help managing daily tasks and activities but she also is adamant that she doesn’t want to leave the home that she’s lived in for most of her life. It provides her with comfort and wonderful memories that she isn’t willing to let go.

As her caregiver, you need to work with your elderly loved one and perhaps other family members to determine how and if you can help your loved one stay in her home. The risks are real but so are the rewards. Many elderly people express a much greater quality of life when they can live independently in their homes with a little help from family, friends, and agencies that provide 24-hour home care.

Step 1: Make a Plan

Talk with your loved one about what areas she needs help with and what areas she can still manage on her. She might struggle with physical activities like shovelling, mowing, and vacuuming. Can you come up with consistent help in those areas? If driving has become a struggle, is there someone nearby that can provide transportation to appointments and errands? It might also be helpful for your loved one to have 24-hour home care so that someone is always available to drive her where she needs to go whether it’s preplanned or an unexpected urgent trip.

When creating a plan, create a plan that not only covers your loved one’s needs today but addresses the changes that may come in the upcoming years. Then put it in writing so everyone is clear about the expectations.

Step 2: Build Up Those Resources

If you haven’t already, now is the time to find who will provide 24-hour home care when needed. You can also look into community resources, and check into local senior communities to see what’s available. You might be surprised by all the resources you can find.

Step 3: Make Her Home Safe

Do a thorough home inspection to make sure your loved one has all she needs to stay safe. Look at staircases for railings and non-slip stairs. Visit the bathrooms to see if she needs railings to help her in the shower or non-slip mats in the tub. Visit each area, talking to your loved one about how to stay safe and then also talking about a plan if she were to fall or injure herself.

Step 4: Plan for Healthy Living

What does your loved one need to live a healthy and active lifestyle? A 24-hour home care team can help ensure she’ll have healthy meals prepared each day or that she’s able to get to the community centre for a walk or a swim in their pool. Having a healthy lifestyle while she lives at home means that she can have her best days while living in her home.

Your loved one and your family will benefit from good planning so that your loved one staying in her home is a blessing to all and not a burden.

If you or an ageing loved one are considering 24-Hour Home Care in Onoway, please contact the caring staff at Serving Hands Senior Care today. Call (780) 963-1516

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