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How Home Care Nurtures Seniors With Seasonal Sickness

Home care can help seniors who are suffering from regular sicknesses such as colds both recuperate and rest to get back to their normal routines.
Home Care in Onoway by Serving Hands
Home Care in Onoway by Serving Hands

Even a cold can be challenging for a senior that is living alone. If your senior parent has a cold, or is getting over a cold, home care can help make sure that your senior parent gets the rest they need to get better. Seniors who are living alone often push themselves to do more than they should, especially when they’re not feeling well. Senior who want to live independently can feel like they need to prove to their families that they are capable of living alone. But, your senior parent may need some help.

That’s where home care can help. With home care your senior parent can continue to live alone comfortably because they will have the support of a caregiver when they need it. A home care provider can do light housekeeping chores and run errands. They can also make your senior parent a cup of tea, or a bowl of soup. Home care makes sure that your senior parent has all the comforts of home.

Monitor Their Symptoms

A home care provider can keep on eye on your senior mom or dad to make sure that their illness isn’t getting worse. If they notice that your senior parent is struggling to breathe, or that they have a cough that is getting worse, they can call for emergency medical help right away.

Make Sure They Eat

Seniors who are sick often lose their appetites. And they may feel too weak or sick to cook for themselves. A home care provider can make soup or other comfort foods that will be easy on the stomach for senior parent. They can make sure that your senior parent is drinking juice, vitamin and protein packed smoothies, and water also. If your senior parent has a particular food they like to eat when they’re sick a home care provider can go to the store and get that food.

Create A Comfortable Atmosphere

A caregiver can also make sure that your senior parent has a comfortable environment to recover in. They can do things like set up a humidifier, turn the lights low, get extra blankets, help your senior parent get into their favourite pyjamas, turn the heat up or down, and make sure the TV remote has fresh batteries. They can clean up cups, tissues, and other debris so that your senior parent won’t trip on anything when they get up.

Give Medication Reminders

It’s important that your senior parent keep taking their medications on time even though they are not feeling well. A home care provider can remind your mom or dad what medications they need to take, how to take them, and when to take them. They can also set up reminder alarms so that your senior parent won’t forget to take their medications when the caregiver leaves.

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