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How Personal Care at Home Helps Seniors Eat More

Personal care at home helps seniors create mealtime routines and balance their overall nutrition by eating more the right way.
Personal Care at Home St. Albert
Personal Care at Home St. Albert

As your loved one gets older they may experience a loss of appetite once in a while. However, when they lose their appetite for days or weeks, this is when it can become a real issue. This may mean they have other health problems that a doctor needs to look into or there may be lifestyle changes that need to happen to allow them to continue ageing in place. First, you need to figure out why a senior is not eating

If a senior is not eating because they have lost their sense of taste or smell you may need to use stronger herbs and seasonings or find easy to eat foods. Sometimes, it may be that your loved one can no longer cook for themselves like they used to. If that is the case someone like personal care at home can be a good option for your senior while they age in place. Personal care at home can help your loved one cook throughout the week, experiment with herbs, and ensure they are eating enough calories. On top of that they can help your loved one eat more if needed. Here are some ways to boost a seniors appetite.

Create a Meal Routine

As a senior gets older they may have a harder time sticking to a routine because they may not feel hungry. This means they eat less when they live alone. One of the best things personal care at home can help with is serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the same time every day. A seniors day can vary and they can do different activities daily but by sitting down to even just eat a few bites of food every day it helps them get into a routine. When a senior eats at the same time every day they may eat more food because their bodies are used to getting hungry at the same time every day.

Focus on Finding Meals They Like

As a senior gets older their tastes may change. They may not like the foods they used to like. Your seniors caregiver can help experiment with new foods and flavours that might appeal to your elderly loved one. If they like something they can make note of it and find more flavours that are similar or more recipes in the same category.

Choose The Right Foods

Not all foods are created equal. Many prepackaged foods are filled with calories but won’t fill you up. Things like chips and crackers don’t have very much nutritional value but are filled with unnecessary calories. To ensure your senior loved one is getting all of the nutrients they need they should be focused on finding fresh foods that will provide a good amount of calories and health benefits. Personal care at home can help your loved one avoid prepackaged foods but still prepare meals that a senior can reheat easily. This also may help your senior loved one eat more because it will taste better than a frozen meal.

Find an Exercise They Like

When a senior moves more they are burning not only energy but calories that will need to be replaced. The more physical activity they do the more likely they are to want to eat to replace those calories. If your senior has no appetite it may be because they are not moving enough. Encourage them to move more.

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