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Senior Home Care Encourages Healthy Sleeping Habits

Senior home care encourages better sleep routines and habits to support an overall healthier mental and physical lifestyle.
Senior Home Care Stony Plain
Senior Home Care Stony Plain

When your senior is focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle one of the most important things they should focus on is the amount of sleep they get. They should have a solid sleeping routine or a bedtime routine that supports the best sleeping habits. Their sleeping patterns may shift as they become older but they should still be sleeping as much as their body needs but also not too much.

It Helps Them Maintain a Good Mood

When your loved one is in a bad mood or doesn’t want to work with senior home care, it may be because they have had a rough night’s sleep. The best way to boost a seniors mood is by ensuring they are sleeping well at night and through the night. 7-8 hours of sleep is the best way to wake up feeling refreshed and happy. You can easily get a mood boost from having healthy sleep patterns

Mental health is connected to sleeping and sleeping habits so it is something to focus on. Mental and emotional health is crucial for seniors. No one is too old to find ways to boost their mood.

Supports a Healthy Weight

Believe it or not, sleeping helps with weight management. When you don’t sleep your body is not metabolising things well enough. By sleeping you’re giving your body a break to digest everything down and your metabolism has a chance to catch up and work better. When you don’t sleep enough your body doesn’t get this break. This is why it is so important for a senior to have a healthy sleeping pattern and habit. Being overweight or underweight can lead to huge health problems that your loved one will want to avoid. Senior home care can help in other ways to support a healthy weight for your senior mom or dad. They can prepare fresh meals and encourage your loved one to go on daily walks in partnership with a healthy sleeping routine.

Sleep Improves Memory

When your senior loved one is having trouble focusing or remembering important things throughout the day it could be because they are not sleeping well. During your time asleep your brain is processing the things that happened throughout the day but you’re also giving it a break. This is why it is so crucial for your loved one to go to sleep each night at the appropriate hour. Everyone’s brain needs that time to shut down. They wake up and can feel energised, focused, and remember the things from the day before. It helps them live a higher quality life.

It Helps Them Age In Place

One of the determining factors on whether or not a senior can age in place is by how well they manage their schedules. A good way to determine that is whether or not they’re getting enough sleep and have a good sleeping routine. If they can sleep at night and wake up feeling refreshed and need an extra set of hands around the house, they can easily age in place with the help of senior home care.

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