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What Hobbies Are Good for Two People?

Finding new hobbies for you and your mom can be fun and easy. Try these tips from Home Care in Devon to give you and your mom some fun new hobbies.
Home Care in Devon
Home Care in Devon

As your mom’s family caregiver, you’re always looking for ways to interact with your mom. Her fine motor skills are changing, so when you find things to do with her, it has to be activities you can do together. What hobbies are good for two people?


Bake bread together. You can measure, and your mom can mix and knead the dough. She might want to take turns, so that her wrists get a break between rounds. Afterwards, the bread you make can go into her freezer until it’s needed or donated to a food bank.

LEGO Building Sets

Have you considered investing in a larger LEGO set? These are not just for kids! There are kits like Van Gogh’s Starry Nights that allow you to build the famous painting from LEGO bricks. There are also floral sets, famous buildings, and much more. Teamwork can help with these larger sets, and they grow in value over the years, so they’re a good investment.


Purchase a pad of canvas paper and some paints. Then, go to a site like YouTube and look for beginner painting videos that you follow along in a simple step-by-step manner. You both get to try painting, even if the results are completely different. It’s often fun to compare the differences after.

Likewise, if you decide that painting is a great hobby, you can advance to full canvases and oil paints. You might find it’s a great way to make some extra cash for yourself and your mom.


Gardening is a great hobby for two or more people. Raised beds may be easier for your mom, and it’s easy to make a raised bed with some cedar plants or kits for self-watering raised beds. Work together to choose what you want to grow, and decide if you want to grow them from seeds or seedlings.

The benefit of gardening is that it produces the food your mom needs to eat. It keeps her grocery bills down. Likewise, she can garden throughout the winter with the help of a gardening device, like the Aerogarden, that grows foods from the self-watering system. If she wants to use this type of system, it’s ideal for herbs and dwarf plants like grape tomatoes or mini bell peppers.

Make Sure You Have Time to Address Your Own Needs

Engage your mom in your new hobbies when you have time, but don’t take on too much. Talk to a home care specialist to learn more about respite care. Your mom can have a caregiver with her for a few hours each week or several times a week. Use that time to visit friends, run errands by yourself, or go for a long walk with the dog.

Home care services ensure that you have help supporting your mom as she ages. An advisor can help you better understand the services, prices, and schedules.

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