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It’s Never Too Soon to Talk about Palliative Care

Palliative care is an option in the early stages of diagnosis of a life-limiting disease. It’s worth learning about Palliative Care at Home in Spruce Grove.
Palliative Care at Home in Spruce Grove
Palliative Care at Home in Spruce Grove

Being diagnosed with a life-limiting illness is uncomfortable. Palliative care at home is a solution that could be investigated early after diagnosis, because of its benefits. Families often avoid this option because they believe it is only for end-of-life care. That isn’t true, because this type of care does a lot more for your senior.

Palliative Care Isn’t Hospice
Palliative care is often mentioned with hospice care, so it’s easy to mix them up. But these are different types of care. Hospice is recommended when your elderly family member is at the end of her life, typically when her doctors expect she has less than six months left to live. Palliative options are options that your senior can use immediately after diagnosis with a life-limiting disease.

Symptom Management Is Vital
One of the biggest aspects of palliative care options is that there’s a focus on managing symptoms. Discomforting symptoms such as nausea, shortness of breath, and pain have significant negative impacts on your senior’s quality of life. Working with palliative providers helps your elderly family member manage symptoms and return to living.

You’re Able to Discuss Additional Treatment Options
Curative treatments can only do so much. Curative treatments often limit your elderly family member’s ability to manage symptoms or find other ways to treat health issues. Palliative care providers can help your elderly family member explore all her options, in addition to curative therapies.

It’s Easier to Coordinate Care
Your senior is likely to face various therapies and treatments after diagnosis with a life-limiting illness. Coordinating all that can be incredibly difficult, especially if your elderly family member is exhausted enough. Palliative professionals can help your elderly family member keep all her care options organised and working together.

There’s Emotional Support for Everyone Involved
Caring for an ageing family member with a life-limiting illness can be emotionally draining for both of you. Finding the right support team is vital, and palliative care professionals can help you do exactly that. The goal is to help your elderly family member enjoy her life as much as she can, in spite of the health issues she’s managing.

The sooner you and your elderly family member decide to try out palliative options, the more they can help her cope with her health issues. It’s worth finding out what this type of care can do to make your senior’s life better at this stage of dealing with her new diagnosis.

If you or an ageing loved one are considering Palliative Care at Home in Spruce Grove, please contact the caring staff at Serving Hands Senior Care today. Call (780) 963-1516

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