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6 Health Conditions That Benefit From 24-Hour Home Care

From taking medication to getting around the house, 24-hour home care offers a variety of benefits to seniors who suffer from various health conditions.
24-Hour Home Care Edmonton
24-Hour Home Care Edmonton

You’ve heard of 24-hour home care, but you’re not sure how it would benefit your dad. Here are six health conditions where this level of home care is one of the best things you can do to make sure your dad has the help he needs.


You may know ALS more as Lou Gehrig’s disease. It causes symptoms like weakness, stiff muscles, fatigue, and weight loss. Over time, your dad will find it impossible to walk on his own. He will need help getting to the bathroom and onto the toilet throughout the day and night.

Alzheimer’s and Other Dementias

In the early stages of Alzheimer’s, your dad won’t need a lot of help. As this and other dementias progress, your dad’s mobility will diminish. He’s going to be unable to do things like take a shower on his own, use the toilet on his own, and eat a meal without help.

He’s going to need help with medication reminders. He may not sleep more than a couple of hours at night, so he has to have someone awake and ready to keep him from leaving the house.


When your dad has cancer, he’s going to undergo treatments like chemo, radiation, and surgery that impact his strength, balance, and stamina. If he awakens in the middle of the night and feels sick, he may be alone. With a caregiver, he’s not alone. His 24-hour home care provider can help him get to the toilet, prepare meals or snacks that help him feel better, and alert his doctor if needed.


When it comes to pneumonia, your dad will be sapped of energy. He’s going to be unable to do things for himself like cook meals, remember when to take another dose of a prescribed medication, and walk around the house.

He will gain strength over time, but when he’s weak and needs someone with him at all hours, around-the-clock caregivers are important. He’ll have support with housekeeping, laundry, medication reminders, shopping, personal care, and meal preparation until he’s healthy.


After a stroke, your dad may require a wheelchair for several weeks or months. He has to work with specialists to rebuild his strength. He needs someone with him at all hours to remind him when to take medications. He needs help to go to the bathroom, take a shower, and feed himself.

Vision Loss

Vision loss is an important reason to consider 24-hour home care. If your dad wakes in the middle of the night and cannot see, he has to stumble to the kitchen for a drink or bathroom to use the toilet. When he can’t see, the risk of tripping and falling multiplies. With a caregiver with him, he has a pair of eyes to keep him from falling.

With 24-hour home care, your dad has exceptional care all day and night. Whether he’s going through a cancer battle or is progressively getting worse due to ALS, make sure he has help at all hours. Arrange 24-hour home care to take care of your dad in the best way possible.

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