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The Benefits of In-Home Care While Ageing in Place

Seniors who choose to age in place can remain in the comfort of their own home and hire in-home care to help them keep up with daily routines.
Ageing in Place: In-Home Care Devon
Ageing in Place: In-Home Care Devon

What is ageing in place? The National Institute on Ageing defines it as “growing older at home.” It’s the ability to remain in your current home for the rest of your life. It’s something your dad is talking about lately, and you want to make sure he’s set up to make that happen. There’s comfort in knowing you don’t have to deal with a move or risk his safety living alone. Here are the many benefits gained by ageing in place.

He Already Knows His Neighbours

Your dad already knows the people in his neighbourhood. He knows who is trustworthy and who to avoid. He knows which families have dogs that are friendly and which are not. It makes being outside a lot easier when you know where to avoid and where you can go if you need help.

His Home Is Furnished and Decorated As He Wants It

Your dad has spent decades upgrading his home to be like he wants it. He spent hours one weekend screening his back deck. He can sit outside and not worry about insect bites or painful sunburns. He doesn’t want to give that up.

When he ages in place, he stays in the home that he’s customised to match his tastes and personal style. He won’t have to start over. His furniture, colour schemes, lighting, and other decor match his tastes.

He Has a Sense of Freedom and Independence

Moving to a new community, especially if it’s a condo with an association or retirement community, requires your dad to abide by the rules. Any HOA is going to have terms and conditions, such as what colour you can paint your home’s trim or whether you can put in a fence or not. This can make your dad feel like he doesn’t have any freedom.

When he stays in his current home, he lives independently and doesn’t have to follow strict HOA rules. It can give him a sense of freedom and lower stress and anxiety.

He’s Established in the Community

Your dad is already established in the community. He doesn’t have to find a new doctor, dentist, grocery store, pharmacy, etc. Often, moving to a new city or state requires a change in providers and that can be difficult when you’re older.

Caregivers Offer the Support He Needs

When your dad’s goal is to stay in his home, support it by arranging in-home care services. He can have a caregiver available to help him with tasks he can’t do on his own.

Whether he is at risk of falls when he showers or cannot safely go down to his basement laundry room, in-home care can make sure he’s able to age at home without risking his safety. It’s the best way to support your dad’s goal of remaining independent.

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