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Companion Care at Home Helps Seniors Enjoy Their Favorite Games

Seniors enjoy and benefit from playing games. Companion care at home can help your senior loved one engage in and enjoy their favourite games.
Companion Care at Home in Leduc
Companion Care at Home in Leduc

Playing games can help seniors stay physically active. They also provide an outlet for mental stimulation and stress relief. Games can be a great way for seniors to socialise with their friends and families, or even their companion care at home provider, as well as have some fun. Playing games improves cognitive, physical, and emotional well-being, and promotes mental agility and creativity. It also helps maintain a balanced lifestyle by providing relaxation, structure, and purpose all the way into later stages of life.

There are solo games, but also games a senior can play with family or even companion care at home. It’s important to find ways to fill up their time. This is especially true during the winter months, when a senior may not go out as much. It’s important to keep busy so a senior doesn’t get bored. Because boredom can kill and be disastrous for a senior’s mental health. Companion care at home can be a great option for seniors living alone. They provide help when needed, companionship, and more. Here are some game ideas for a senior to play with or without companion care.

Play Card Games
Card games can provide numerous benefits for seniors, such as physical, mental, and social stimulation, improved hand-eye coordination, enhanced problem-solving and memory skills, deterrence of age-related dementia, improved mood and decreased depression, and improved social connections. Decks of cards are super budget-friendly, but your senior may already have one on hand. They can play card games alone, like Solitaire, or games with others, like Go Fish or Spades.

Board Games
Board games can be very mentally healthy for seniors, by providing them with the opportunity to engage in social interaction, mental exercise, and thrills. Seniors can interact and bond with friends and family members, facilitating emotional connections and enabling them to stay socially active. Board games also provide stimulating mental exercise, helping them stay sharp by exercising their cognitive skills, memory, and problem-solving ability, and stimulating brain development. Board games also provide an emotional thrill, soothing loneliness, and inducing lightheartedness and joy. Try out Monopoly or Clue!

Puzzles at Home
Puzzles help stimulate seniors mentally and improve cognitive function. Solving puzzles also keeps seniors mentally alert and provides an enjoyable pastime that promotes social interaction through challenging and engaging activities. Puzzles create an environment where seniors are intellectually challenged, engage in problem-solving and decision-making, boosting creativity and independent thought. This may help prevent or slow the development of memory-related diseases and other degenerative conditions.

Trivia Games
Your senior knows tons of things that you may be surprised about! The best and most enjoyable way to test their knowledge is by playing a game of trivia. This is also something that companion care at home may want to play with your senior! By answering questions and using the things they can remember, it can exercise their critical thinking and logical problem-solving skills. It’s also a great way to stay engaged socially, as seniors can connect with others in their age group and bond through shared knowledge and experiences. Finally, trivia can stimulate the memory centres of the brain, increasing the chances of long-term memory retention, which is important for cognitive health.

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