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Alzheimer’s Care Tips to Help Your Senior with Grooming

If you are providing Alzheimer’s care for a senior loved one, you know that many everyday tasks need to be approached differently, including grooming.
Grooming: Alzheimer's Care Spruce Grove Canada
Grooming: Alzheimer's Care Spruce Grove Canada

Because of Alzheimer’s disease, normal daily tasks that you or your loved one never gave much thought to – such as brushing her teeth or picking out an outfit for the day – have now become activities that can throw your loved one off balance and make a morning difficult. Alzheimer’s care can help alleviate that stress.

Each person with Alzheimer’s is different so you’ll need to try various approaches to helping your loved one be ready for the day ahead of her. And you’ll want to understand that as the disease progresses, what worked last month, may not work next month and you’ll need to start over. It’s helpful to have an Alzheimer’s care team to assist you in some of these processes as you try them out and refine them.

Here are a few tricks to get you started if you’re finding you and your loved one are struggling with grooming each morning or night.

Opt For Simple Styles

You might find that trying to wash and style your loved one’s hair has gotten too difficult, even with the help of an Alzheimer’s care provider.

Your loved one may not be able to follow each step or have the patience for it. Because of that, even for women, short hairstyles that just need a quick occasional wash and short comb-through tend to make for less stressful showers and baths as well as mornings. For men, you may find a little stubble on the face is preferable to trying to shave each night or morning.

Keep it Routine

Sometimes even changing a type of lotion or shampoo can throw your loved one off. They are used to the soothing smells that they’ve always had when washing their hair or applying lotion. If possible, keep with the same brands and scents that you’ve always used. If you need to introduce something new, explain it as you use it, talking about how nice the new scent is.

If you have an Alzheimer’s care provider help with personal care, do your best to have them come at the same time on the same day of the week so your loved one is prepared and ready for them. Many Alzheimer’s patients do better in the morning, so when possible, have your

An Alzheimer’s care provider can come in the morning to help with things like nail care or hair styling.

Be Understanding

Maybe your loved one really wants to wear bright purple eyeshadow and red lipstick to her doctor’s appointment. Don’t argue about little decisions that may seem wrong to you but have no dangerous consequences. Let your loved one have as much control over her personal appearance as possible, even if it means she’s wearing bows with little unicorns on them in her hair.

Showing care and respect to your loved one will help get those mornings off to a better start and have her ready to do her best each day.

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