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Senior Home Care Tips for Battling Obesity

Battling obesity is difficult at any age, but even more so for your senior loved ones. Senior home care can help get them on the right track.
Senior Obesity: Senior Home Care Stony Plain
Senior Obesity: Senior Home Care Stony Plain

No matter what age you are, being obese can impact your body negatively. You should always ask your doctor what a healthy weight is for your size. This means seniors have a healthy weight range, and they should strive to maintain a healthy weight. Battling obesity can take time, patience, and a focus that your senior loved one may need help with. The best thing your loved one can do is create a healthy routine with the help of senior home care. Here are some tips you can use to encourage your loved one to focus on weight and help them keep it off.

Focus On The Positive

Weight can be a sensitive subject, and when you mention weight loss, even if a doctor has already mentioned it. This is why, whether it is you or senior home care saying anything, it needs to be in a positive way. This means you should not body shame or criticise your loved one. Be calm, and respectful, and mention specific reasons why weight loss should be a focus in daily life. You can create healthy routines around losing or maintaining weight for your loved one. The best thing you can do is keep things factual but also positive and back up whatever the doctor has already said.

Find Small Changes

Making massive changes is not only scary but can also be unsustainable. This means a massive change may not be something a senior can keep doing forever. Your senior loved one should focus on making one small change at a time. Although it may not seem like much, it can greatly impact weight and overall physical well-being. You can start by encouraging your loved one to take a walk first thing in the morning or start their day off with oats. Their senior home care team can help with this encouragement as well. Small changes are things that a senior can do easily but also continue doing after they feel comfortable in a routine with these changes.

Fun Exercises Do Exist

If your senior hates the thought of exercising, they may not have found the right one for them. There are different forms of exercise and tons of classes to choose from. There is something for everyone, and it should be included in their routine. If they do not like walking each morning, it’s important not to force them to do this activity. Instead, experiment and find something they like to do because this will be the best way to get moving without feeling like a chore or boring. The more they like doing something, the easier it will be to lose weight without even needing to think about it because it will feel fun.

Find Healthy Recipes

Believe it or not, weight loss starts in the kitchen. If your loved one has been eating tons of packaged foods, it could cause them to gain weight. Many seniors stop eating fresh foods because they can’t prepare foods like they used to. Senior home care can help your loved one cook meals throughout the week and find fun recipes they can make together and enjoy together. This is also something that you can help your loved one with too.

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