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The Benefits of Home Care Assistance

Home care assistance is a great option for those who want their senior loved one to maintain their independence but still have extra support.
Home Care Assistance Edmonton
Home Care Assistance Edmonton

Your dad lives alone and it’s becoming more apparent that he’s struggling. He has a harder time with routine chores like vacuuming, laundry, and he can’t change his sheets without help. He also doesn’t like to walk without someone to accompany him. It’s time to address the benefits and take a closer look at what home care assistance offers to help your dad maintain his independence while ageing at home.


One of the biggest benefits of home care assistance is the companionship your dad gains. He has caregivers stopping by regularly to keep him company. He’ll have a friend to walk with, watch movies with, or play games with as often as he wants. If he wants to get out and spend a day at a museum, that’s also an option.

Grooming and Hygiene

Your dad’s caregiver can help him with any grooming or hygiene tasks that are becoming difficult for him to handle on his own. He’ll have a caregiver to help him dry off and apply moisturiser. He has a caregiver to help him brush and floss his teeth. His caregiver can help him choose an outfit that matches the day’s weather forecast.


Does your dad struggle to carry the vacuum up and down the stairs from his home’s main level to the bedrooms? Can he safely walk down to his laundry room or is he unsteady going down the basement stairs?

Caregivers can do the laundry for him. They’ll wash everything, make sure it’s dry, and iron anything that your dad wants to be ironed. Items are hung up or put in the appropriate drawer. Caregivers can also vacuum and sweep the carpets and floors, dust, and take out recycling and trash as needed.

Meals and Snacks

When it comes to your dad’s meals and snacks, he’s never enjoyed cooking. He’s much happier ordering delivery or heating a frozen dinner in the microwave. It’s not the healthiest diet, and his doctor said he needs to cut his sodium, saturated fat, and sugar intake.

Home care assistance can prepare home-cooked meals for him. They’ll talk to him about the foods he enjoys, work with him to create a weekly menu, and shop for any groceries he needs. His caregivers will cook meals at the appropriate time and sit with him while he eats.

After he eats, his caregiver cleans up the kitchen by wiping the counters and stove top, putting leftovers away, and washing the dishes. Once dishes are clean and dry, his caregiver puts them away.

Medication Management

If your dad takes any prescription medications or has supplements his doctor wants him to take each day, he can’t forget a dose. It could impact his health. His caregiver will remind him when it’s time to take his pills and order a refill.


Your dad’s doctor may recommend that he stops driving, but your dad still has errands to run and appointments to get to. It’s a lot of extra work for you to arrange days off to make sure he has a ride. Arrange to have caregivers drive him to his appointments, take him shopping, and help him run errands as needed.

It’s time to take the questions you have and ask a home care assistance agency for more information. You’ll learn more about the services, prices, and schedules that match your dad’s specific needs. Reach a home care specialist online or by phone to get started.

If you or an ageing loved one are considering Home Care Assistance in Edmonton, please contact the caring staff at Serving Hands Senior Care today. Call (780) 963-1516

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