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5 Home Care Pet Benefits to Improving Senior Health

While pets can add a lot of work into a senior's life, they might find it helps to improve their health in a few ways. Plus, home care can help!
Pets Improve Health: Home Care St. Albert Canada
Pets Improve Health: Home Care St. Albert Canada

While pets can add a lot of work and maintenance into a person’s life and they aren’t for everyone, if your parent can take care of and enjoy a new pet, he might find it helps to improve his health in a few ways. If care is a concern, you might be able to enlist the help of a home care provider to help with some of the care so that your loved one can enjoy the pet. A home care provider can help walk a dog, brush out a cat, or clean a fish tank when those tasks are too hard for your loved one.

Before you begin the process of pet ownership for your elderly loved one, make sure to do some research into what the best pet is for your loved one. Not everyone needs to get a dog, you might find the better pet for your loved one is a cat, a mouse, or a fish. Finding that right fit is key for your loved one to experience the health benefits of having a pet.

Pets Promote Mindfulness

How does mindfulness affect your loved one’s health? Mindfulness is the act of being fully present in the moment. It takes away from being over-anxious or worried about the numerous thoughts that flow in someone’s head, helps them to breathe easier, and calms down a racing heart.

Having a pet takes a person out of their head and puts them right in that moment, whether it’s watching a kitten play with a toy, slowly petting a dog’s back, or watching a fish swim around the fish tank.

Pets Speed Up Recovery

If your loved one has recently had surgery, having a pet by their side can help speed up that recovery. Pets provide a positive outlook and those positive feelings and emotions can help a body recover faster. They can also be great at providing empathy and lovingly snuggling with someone as they recover, making that person feel less alone.

Pets Improve Health

Pets can improve mental health by being by a person’s side through it all. And while a fish probably won’t do much for physical health, walking a dog daily, can help your loved one get outside in the fresh air and have some physical activity at least once a day. If holding the leash is straining, a home care provider can hold the leash while your loved one comes along for the walk.

Pets Provide Purpose

Some elderly feel like they’re not needed now that their children are grown and perhaps their partner has passed on. Having a pet that needs them for their daily care, gives purpose back to your loved one’s daily life.

Pets Create Connections

If your loved one has a pet, she can find a community of like-minded pet owners to connect with and form friendships. While large dog owners may find connections at the dog park, pet owners of smaller animals can find community online or in community classes. Pets also are a great starting point for many conversations, helping your parent connect with those she meets.
Reap the benefits of pet ownership and be surprised at all of the rewards.

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