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24-Hour Home Care Safer Sleep Tips for Seniors

If your senior loved one is having trouble falling asleep at night or staying asleep, try out these 24-hour home care tips!
Sleep: 24-Hour Home Care Stony Plain
Sleep: 24-Hour Home Care Stony Plain

Many seniors who are living independently get anxious at night. That anxiety can make it even harder for seniors to sleep peacefully and get the rest they need to be healthy. Sleep disorders like insomnia are very common among seniors. Anxiety, stress, medication, and lifestyle factors , such as drinking too much caffeine. can all impact the quality of sleep they get. Seniors need recuperative sleep in order to stay physically and mentally healthy. Here are a few tips that can help.

24-Hour Home Care

24-hour home care is one of the best things that seniors who are anxious at night can have. With 24-hour home care seniors can relax and sleep peacefully knowing that someone is in the house with them. Seniors can become anxious about what would happen to them if they fell in the middle of the night, or what would happen to them if they had a medical emergency, or what they would do if someone tried to break in because they were alone. Having 24-hour home care and having someone else with them day and night can alleviate a lot of anxiety and make it possible for seniors to sleep peacefully at night.

Hot Baths

Another great way for seniors to relax at night is to have a hot bath. With 24-hour home care, someone will be there with your senior loved one to help them take a hot soothing bath at night so they can relax and sleep. Just make sure that your senior parent isn’t getting into a bath where there are bath oils or a bath bomb. They can make the bathtub extremely slippery and a bad fall hazard. To enjoy a relaxing scented bath it’s best for seniors to use bath teas, which have herbs in small bags that release scent into the water but don’t have oil or other slippery materials.

Great Bedding

Having comfortable and cosy high quality bedding can improve the quality of your senior parent’s sleep quite a bit. Natural fibre sheets and blankets made from cotton, linen, or bamboo are very soft but also very breathable so your senior parent won’t be too hot or too cold. Natural fabrics also have great air flow and circulation which will help keep your senior parent’s skin healthy and wick away sweat if they tend to get warm at night.

Background Noise

A little white noise in the background can be very soothing and can actually help seniors sleep better than being in a silent room. A white noise machine can be a great addition to your senior parent’s room. But you can also put an air purifier in there too. An air purifier also emits a low noise like the noise of a white noise machine but it also cleans the air and promotes good air circulation which is essential for your senior parent’s health.

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