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How Personal Care at Home Makes Senior Bathing Safer

Bathing is often a difficult topic for seniors and family caregivers to talk about with their personal care at home provider but it’s important to prioritise safety.
Senior Bathing: Personal Care at Home Spruce Grove
Senior Bathing: Personal Care at Home Spruce Grove

Many seniors find bathing to be a dangerous and complicated task. Some even start to avoid bathing altogether. With the help of personal care at home and understanding family members, bathing can be both safer and more enjoyable for ageing adults.

Install Grab Bars and Non-Slip Mats

One of the biggest risks for seniors in the bathroom is slipping and falling. Installing grab bars in the shower or bathtub and on the walls near the toilet can provide additional support and stability for ageing adults as they move around the bathroom. Additionally, non-slip mats in the shower or bathtub can help to prevent slips and falls.

Adjust the Water Temperature

Seniors may be more sensitive to changes in water temperature, and hot water can increase the risk of burns. Reaction time can also be slower, which can also make scalding burns more likely to occur. Adjust the water temperature to a safe level and consider installing an anti-scald device to regulate the water temperature.

Consider Professional Care

For seniors who require more assistance with bathing, personal care at home can provide a safe and comfortable bathing experience. A caregiver can assist with all aspects of bathing, from getting in and out of the shower to washing and drying. This can sometimes be easier for seniors to accept than having help from a family member, and personal care at home can help with other necessary tasks, too.

Use Shower Chairs or Benches

For seniors who have difficulty standing for long periods of time or who are unsteady on their feet, a shower chair or bench can provide a safe and comfortable place to sit while bathing. These tools help ageing adults to preserve the energy that they have so that they can safely bathe. They’re also helpful when home care providers are assisting with bathing.

Consider Handheld Showerheads with Longer Hoses

A handheld showerhead can make bathing easier and more comfortable for seniors, as it allows them to direct the water where it is needed and avoid awkward stretching or twisting. A long hose ensures that seniors have plenty of room to manoeuvre. This can also be useful when using a shower chair.

Minimise Clutter

Bathing is often a difficult topic for seniors and family caregivers to talk about but it’s important to prioritise safety. Clearing clutter from the bathroom can help to reduce the risk of trips and falls for ageing adults. Keeping the area around the shower or bathtub clear is vital. Also, family caregivers should make sure that towels, bathmats, and other items are not in the way.

Provide Privacy

Seniors often feel uncomfortable or vulnerable while bathing, which can be part of why they start to avoid it. It’s important to provide privacy and respect their dignity while addressing hygiene concerns. Personal care at home providers assisting with these tasks can help family caregivers understand how to handle them efficiently.

Use Mild Soap and Shampoo

Seniors have delicate skin that is more prone to irritation or dryness. Choosing mild, fragrance-free soap and shampoo minimises the risk of skin irritation and can make bathing more pleasant overall. Anything that helps to make the experience more comfortable is going to help seniors be more open to that activity.

Make it a Relaxing Experience

Bathing can be a stressful or uncomfortable experience for seniors, but it can also be an opportunity to relax and unwind. Playing soothing music, using scented candles or bath salts, or simply taking a few deep breaths can help to create a calming and enjoyable atmosphere. Looking for ways to make the experience as comfortable as possible is an important part of the planning.

Bathing can have some serious challenges associated with it for seniors. Finding solutions like personal care at home and safety devices allows family caregivers to keep their ageing adults safe and also ensure that they’re addressing hygiene needs.

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